Buzzdev also builds custom drones and can assist in robotics assembly, programming and testing.

Let us know if you want any help in your projects. 

Custom Drones and Testing Services

The drones we fly include custom built Tarot 650 using Pixhawk flight controllers, and we have provided consultancy to clients (including Oxford University) to check, calibrate and test.


We have experience programming robotics platforms with Arduino, Python and C: this includes using the ROS system on Robotis Turtlebot3, on Windows10, Rasbian, and Ubuntu on PCs, Raspberry Pi3 and Pi4, and Odroid-N2+, and using the Intel RealSense D455 depth camera, Neural Compute Stick (NCS2) and Keras.

Currently, projects are focused on the Robotis Turtlebot3 teaching platform.  Below are some articles addressing certain solutions we have addressed, and some guidance to anyone beginning: